Construction Update

2019 Locke Street South Reconstruction

Update as of September 19

A crossing guard will be placed at Locke and Stanley Ave during the remainder of Locke Street construction. Crossing guards will continue to be present at Aberdeen, Herkimer, and Charlton as well.

The crossing guard at Charlton will work in concert with a construction flag person to guide students across the unpaved portion of Locke St.

A School Safety officer will be present at Tuckett and Locke, encouraging students to cross at Charlton Ave W.

Crossing Guard Locations – Crossing guards will be stationed at:

  • Locke and Aberdeen (no change)
  • Locke and Stanley (new)
  • Locke and Herkimer (no change)
  • Locke and Charlton (no change)


Main to Bold complete with the final layer of asphalt and line painting by Friday, Sept 20 and will open to the public Monday night (Sept 23)

The temporary two-way signage on Jackson, Canada, Hunter and Bold street will be removed following the reopening of Locke to just south of Bold
Parking meters will be installed on the open portion

All underground work will be completed as of Monday, Sep. 23. – Adieu, adieu

Next steps
Road preparation from Melbourne to Chatham, followed by curbs, sidewalk, road

These steps will then follow for the next block to Charlton.
Charlton Ave W is expected to reopen to westbound travelling by Halloween.

Look for P1 signs to find parking behind the Melbourne to Hunter section of Locke and P2 to the lot at Blessing to access Locke from the south end

For more information on the 2019 Locke Street Reconstruction visit:  

If you have questions related to the Locke Street Reconstruction

Construction Related Questions: Dennis Perusin, Senior Project Manager (Construction)

Design Related Questions: Mitchell Knott, Project Manager (Design)

Community and General Questions: Stephanie Hilson, Councillor’s Advisor (Ward 1)