Sewer rehabilitation on Locke Street from Aberdeen Avenue to Bold Street

Dear Residents / Business Owners / Building Managers:

Sewer rehabilitation on Locke Street from Aberdeen Avenue to Bold Street is scheduled to begin January 7, 2019 and will be completed by the end of March 2019. During this time there will be intermittent full and partial road closures on Locke Street.

Phase 1 – Site Preparation

King Paving will be performing manhole upgrades to allow access to the sewer. This entails upgrading of existing manholes, installation of new manholes and temporary bypass for high water usage businesses.

Local digs resulting in road closures are scheduled between January 7 and January 26 in the following locations (schedule is weather dependent). Residents are encouraged to check Twitter @cityofhamilton for specific dates and locations of these temporary road closures on Locke Street.

1. Locke Street at Homewood Ave

  • Northbound Locke Street will be closed between Aberdeen Ave and Stanley Ave
  • Parking restrictions on Locke Street between Aberdeen Ave and Stanley Ave
  • Expected duration: 12 hours

2. Locke Street at Stanley Ave

  • Southbound Locke Street will be closed between Stanley Ave and Homewood Ave
  • Parking restrictions on Locke Street between Stanley Ave and Homewood Ave
  • Expected duration: 12 hours

3. Locke at Herkimer St – Stanley to Herkimer

  • Southbound Locke Street will be closed between Stanley Ave and Homewood Herkimer St
  • Parking restrictions on Locke Street between Stanley Ave and Herkimer St
  • Expected duration: 12 hours

4. Locke Street at Charlton Ave – Charlton Ave to Alexander St

  • Southbound Locke Street will be closed between Charlton Ave and Alexander St
  • Parking restrictions on Locke Street between Charlton Ave and Alexander St
  • Expected duration: 12 hours

5. Locke Street at Tuckett St

  • Southbound Locke Street will be closed between Chatham St and Tuckett St
  • Parking restrictions on Locke Street between Chatham St and Tuckett St
  • Expected duration: 12 hours

6. Locke Street at Herkimer

  • Full road closure on Locke Street between Charlton to Herkimer
  • Expected duration: 5 days

7. Locke Street at Bold St

  • Full roar closure on Locke Street between Blanshard St to Bold St
  • Expected duration: 5 days

Phase 2 – Sewer Lining (Starting end of January)

InsituForm technologies will start rehabilitation work using Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) technology. Work will start at Aberdeen and progress northbound to Bold. A weekend full road closure of Aberdeen is anticipated, specific date and details will be communicated mid-January.

Estimated duration for this phase is 2 weeks with partial and full road closures on a block-by-block basis on Locke during day hours. Full road closures are not anticipated north of Herkimer. During installation residents may temporarily experience a glue like smell and observe steam being emitted at the work site. Separate hard copy notices will be delivered to residents in the area prior to commencement of this work with further details (at least 2 weeks and 24 hours prior to lining).

Phase 3 – Site restoration (Starting in March)

King Paving will be restoring the site. Partial restoration from Herkimer to Bold in preparation to full road reconstruction starting Spring 2019.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding, as we complete upgrades in your neighbourhood. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 905-546-2424 Ext. 7180. If you are a building owner please post this message in a location where it will be accessible to all tenants/business owners to ensure they are aware of the future works.

Please Note: If you do not wish to receive further emails regarding the project feels free to contact me and I will remove you from the email list.

Attention Business Owners:

As a reminder, the City is currently preparing for the further construction on Locke Street coming later in 2019. Throughout this construction, our goal is to maintain service to the BIA and we are actively collecting the following information from all business owners to help us in planning to reduce disruptions as much as possible.

If you have not already done so, please forward the following information to Mitchell Knott, P.Eng
Tel: 905-546-2424 ext. 4084

1. Delivery Times
2. Delivery Location
3. Business Hours & Off Peak Hours (If applicable)
4. Garbage Removal Location

Thank you,

Harry Krinas
Project Manager – Subsurface Infrastructure
Engineering Services – Asset Management
Public Works Department
City of Hamilton
77 James Street North, Suite 320 Hamilton, ON L8R 2K3
T: 905.546.2424 Ext. 7180

Locke Street BIA Annual General Meeting

Date: January 29th, 2019
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Melrose United Church – 86 Homewood Avenue

Please consider becoming involved with your BIA. The BIA Executive meets nine (9) times a year. The term is for 4 years.

To be considered for membership in the Locke Street BIA Executive, please send an email to Tony Greco or attend the AGM Meeting.

Locke Street Community Tree

With the help of the Fire Fighters for Charity, West Town Bar and Grill and a Team of Community Volunteers, the Locke Street Community Tree has been set up.

This magnificent tree is located in the lot beside the West Town.

The tree lighting is Friday evening, November 16 at 7:00 p.m. Please join us!

More information about Christmas on Locke!

Public Meeting 2019 Locke Street Renovations

In the Spring of 2019, your neighbourhood will be receiving improved municipal services as part of the City of Hamilton’s ongoing upgrades to infrastructure as per the attached sketch.

Locke Street has been scheduled for watermain replacement and full road and sidewalk reconstruction including urban braille and streetscaping.

The city will be holding a Public Information Center on September 19th, 2018 7:00 pm at Stanley Avenue Baptist Church (Blessings Christian Church). Please join us for a brief overview of the proposed project followed by open discussion with City staff to discuss any questions you may have prior to the construction.

Locke Street Remediation Page

Local Musicians Performing On Three Stages At The Locke Street Festival

The 19th Annual Locke Street Festival features three music stages showcasing local Canadian talent.

Judy Marsales Stage

11AM – Mike McCurlie, Caroline Dowdman, Bob Doidge
1PM – New Rebel Westerns – Chris Altmann, B/A Scott-Snowheel Slim, Carrie Ashworth, Robin Pierson
3PM – Chris Chambers Band
5PM – Wayne Krawchuck Band – Ron Cole, Randall Hill, Mike Birthelmer, Mike Hickey


From Our Neighbourhood

10AM – Picks & Sticks Kids
11AM – Picks & Sticks Kids
12PM – Kirkendolls
1PM – Darlington Underground
2PM – The Ambassadors
3PM – Fiction

From Westdale Secondary School

4PM – Rocket and the Renegades
5PM – Delta Days
6PM – The Shakers

The West Town Stage

12PM – Jonny & Shari
2PM – Harrison Kennedy
3:30PM – Dunlop Brothers
5PM – 3 For The Show
6:30PM – Bros Du Monde
8PM – Tomi Swick
9:30PM – Riddim Riders

Festitalia Choir

12PM – Sounds of Italy Choir
1:30 – 2:30PM – Accordionist Joe Suffoleta & Singer Maria Giavedoni

The Locke Street Festival is sponsored by the Locke Street BIA together with Sponsorship Support from The City of Hamilton, Judy Marsales Real Estate, The Hamilton Spectator, Mackesy Smye Lawyers and the Royal Bank of Canada.

For more information contact:

John Ellin – Locke Street Festival Chair –
Brandon Stanicak – 905 741 4134 –

City of Hamilton Support!

With the Locke Street Festival fast approaching, we are excited to announce that the City of Hamilton will be sponsoring the event for yet another year! This dedicated support by the City of Hamilton has helped make the Locke Street Festival one of Ontario’s longest running and most successful one-day street festivals. Come and join the fun on September 8th, 2018 as we celebrate our great city on one of Hamilton’s most historic streets.

Locke Street Upgrade Report – March 2018

Locke Street Upgrades 2019 Interim Report

Representatives from the City of Hamilton, Union Gas and Alectra Utilities made a presentation to the Locke Street BIA to outline the planned upgrades to Locke Street in 2019 including new sewers, sidewalks and street paving. Prior to the construction in 2019, Union Gas and Alectra will update services on Locke Street.

Scheduling Guidelines

Water mains to be installed North to South, and those near schools scheduled for summer.

Road construction commencing in 2019 will be carried out block by block or multiple blocks at a time – South to North –
schedule will be finalized on awarding of contract.

A Project Manager will be on site during all construction and there will be a protocol for contacting the Site Manager in
the event of an issue.

The work will affect within 50 meters of the side streets. The 1.5 km of steel water mains -1.6 meters deep to be
replaced with plastic (existing 60 year old pipes difficult to maintain). During the process sidewalk and road access will
be maintained. The construction company will use pits for lining works which is less intrusive and will not cause road

Design Features Include:

  • Increased pedestrian areas
  • 3.4 driving lane, 2.5 parking lane, 4.3 road width maintained at intersections
  • Bump outs at radius and pedestrian crossings
  • No designated bike lanes but shared 4.5 lanes North of Hunter
  • Parking spots to be maintained and identified via bump outs -existing 100 parking spots, proposed 109
    parking spots
  • 5 additional benches
  • 8 new trees being considered
  • Bus stops will have bump outs
  • Entrance feature at Stanley and Jackson
  • Relocation Sohie Bike stations, addition of 1 new location to existing 3 locations
  • Street art reinstalled- 60 in total, 10 to 20 m apart -impressed coloured concrete in boulevard -AODA
    treatment at all the radius and crossing

Alectra Utilities

New concrete poles have been installed.

The old wooden poles will come down when everyone is energized, and Bell, Cogeco and Rogers will no longer be using
these poles.

Union Gas

Union Gas work will start once Alectra’s work is complete.

Union Gas will provide schedule-20 weeks of work to commence March 2018.

Shut offs will be on private side and gas switch over will be complete within in an hour. The required new gas piping will
be hidden by screens for aesthetic purposes.

Just A Reminder

Locke Street was built by Hamilton and crafted by our community.

Please continue to walk Locke.

Welcome Monster Donuts

On Sunday, January 7, 2018, Monster Donuts opened its new Locke Street Location. At one point there were line ups outside the door and around the block.

Monster Donuts provides a wide range of gourmet donuts including its own vegan variety.

Welcome to the neighbourhood.