Construction Update

2019 Locke Street South Reconstruction

Update as of August 9

North section of Locke opening after the long weekend

Locke – Main to Canada OPEN!!
Canada and Jackson still two-way Locke to Pearl & Locke to Poulette – that will change back to the original one-way over the next two weeks

Roadway south of Canada remains closed but sidewalks open

Hunter to Melbourne
Curbs are in
Next three weeks – concrete road base work, sidewalk east and west side

Watermain from Hunter to Herkimer complete – testing in processĀ 
When a water main is tested no other related work takes place until the results are in. This is why you may not see crews in a particular area.
installation of catch basins.

Look for P1 signs to find parking behind the Melbourne to Hunter section of Locke and P2 to the lot at Blessing to access Locke from the south end

Main to the bridge

North section of Locke opening after the long weekend!

Bike Lane Detour 

For more information on the 2019 Locke Street Reconstruction visit:  

If you have questions related to the Locke Street Reconstruction

Construction Related Questions: Dennis Perusin, Senior Project Manager (Construction)

Design Related Questions: Mitchell Knott, Project Manager (Design)

Community and General Questions: Stephanie Hilson, Councillor’s Advisor (Ward 1)