16 Years Young

The Locke Street Festival is a free neighbourhood event that has been happening the second Saturday of September for the past 16 years. The festival is one of Ontario’s largest one-day street festivals, attracting people from all over Hamilton as well as other surrounding areas. The festival provides an opportunity for the community to come together in support of local musicians, artists and artisans. The Locke Street Festival has something for the entire family including a variety of unique vendors, great food and drinks, live entertainment and a children’s area with organized activities. Over the years, the number of festival attendees has grown exponentially and the event continues to be a fun and exciting way for people to get involved in the community and develop neighbourhood connections.

The Festival takes place on Locke Street South, a viable community centered neighbourhood with a bustling and eclectic business area. Event parking is available for visitors travelling from out of town, in both off street parking lots and the many side streets surrounding the event. (Check out the lockefestival.ca website for more details.)

The Locke Street Festival is an exciting, safe and family oriented celebration that showcases the city’s unique local talent and favour on one of Hamilton’s most historic streets. The Locke Street Festival is your destination for fun that the whole family can enjoy and it’s all happening on September 10th 2016.


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